“To make students aware of themselves and others, to instill in them a passion towards their subject and utilize their knowledge for the service of the community”.


  • To instill scientific research attitude and skills among students.
  • To equip students with professional skills through training programs.
  • Strengthen community service through Consultancy & Counselling services especially for the under privileged.
  • To strengthen collaboration with esteemed institutions for research and skills training.

Research and Post Graduate Department of Psychology, Union Christian College

The Department of Psychology of Union Christian College is the oldest Psychology Department in Kerala established in 1965. Earlier Psychology was a subsidiary subject for B.A. Philosophy course. The Department came to be known after Dr.V.K. Alexander, a renowned clinical psychologist and the first Head of the Department of Psychology. The Department was fortunate enough to have the services of eminent teachers like Dr.P.N.O.Tharakan, Prof. N. Kunjikrishnan, Prof. T. Simon and Rev. Thomas John. The Department flourished under their guidance which was soon extended by Dr.Molina Susan Thomas and Dr. K. E. Leelamma who retired from service in 2008. At present the Department has seven permanent faculty members. All the courses in the departments are Government  aided programs.

Courses Offered:   B.Sc. in Psychology,   M.Sc. in Psychology,   Ph.D.

>The Bachelors programme enable the students to know the wide range of avenues in the field of Psychology especially Clinical psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Organizational Behaviour, Counselling and so on which help them to select the area of their own interest for further studies. Choice based course credit system is introduced in UG level in 2009. Internship, service learning and participation in extension activities of the Department are compulsory for Under Graduate students.

Union Christian College has the credit of being the only college under M.G.University that offers aided Post Graduation program in Psychology. The Master’s program offers 3 specializations, is specially designed for those with Bachelors in Psychology. The programme focuses on enhancing student motivation to learn and grow in areas like Cognitive Psychology, Psychometric assessment, Neuropsychology, Counselling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology and Designing of Training Programs etc. Internships, activity based and experiential learning as well as community service programs is integral part of the program.

The Department is also a recognized Research Centre under the Mahatma Gandhi University. There are 4 research guides and 14 research scholars under them.

The Department is committed to develop scientific temper and research skills as well as practical and soft skills in the students. Students are encouraged to do projects, scientific paper presentations in seminars and paper publications in peer reviewed journals. Service learning, community extension programs, activity based assignments etc. are compulsory for all students.

The Department has celebrated its Golden Jubilee Year and the College is in the centenary year.