Dr. V.K. Alexander – First Research Guide from the Department of Psychology, Union Christian College, Aluva.

Dr. Neelima Ranjith, Ph.D., P.D.F. 
Dr. Vidhya Ravindranadan, M.Phil., Ph.D.
Dr. Seena M MathaiM.Phil., Ph.D.
Dr. Marikutty P.J, M.Phil, Ph.D.
Dr. Malini R, Ph.D
The first PhD

The first PhD under the guidance of Dr. V.K. Alexander, the founding father of the department.      Dr. Jagathambika went on to become the first clinical psychologist in the Kerala Mental Health Services.

Scholars at UCC

Reg No Name of scholars Topic Fellowship
219/2015 Lisha P Balan Neuropsychological correlates of obsessive compulsive disorder: An exploratory study UGC- Junior Research Fellowship
220/2015 Neelima C C A comparison of the effectiveness of different strategies for improving phonological skills in children with learning disability ICSSR Doctoral fellowship
221/2015 Shema Elizabeth Kovoor Psychosocial correlates of anger among college students
222/2015 Anu Varghese Cognitive function of young adults using non-action videogames UGC- Junior Research Fellowship
223/2015 Asna M Nesrin


Psychological concomitants of life skills in high school students UGC- Junior Research Fellowship

Part time

224/2015 Nadia Moideen Effectiveness of cognitive behaviour therapy on attitude, stress and coping skills of mothers of children with learning disability UGC- Junior Research Fellowship
225/2015 Soji Anna Philip Executive function as cognitive markers in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
209/2016 Anu Joy Singh Early identification and management of children with mathematical difficulty NCERT Doctoral fellowship
210/2016 Anjali Sudhindran Identification of neurocognitive correlates of learning disability and development of an appropriate intervention
211/2016 Muhsina Lubaiba K M Asif Effectiveness of hope therapy in managing pain and depression among cancer patients: An exploratory study UGC- Junior Research Fellowship
212/2016 Swathymol P. S.

Asst. Professor

M.G. University

Psychosocial correlates of wellbeing among emerging adults with the history of parental alcoholism UGC- Junior Research Fellowship

Part time

256/218 Syna Soosan Abraham

Asst. Professor

U.C.College, Aluva

Psychological correlates of intimate partner violence in wives of alcohol abusers Part time
493/2019 Johnson Joseph

Asst. Professor

K.E. College,Mannanam

Perceived parenting on impulsiveness, self image and social competence among adolescence Part time


Guideship from Other University

 Dr.Vidhya Ravindranadan, M.Phil., Ph.D. Bharatiar University, Coimbatore.
Dr. Neelima Ranjith, Ph.D., P.D.F.  – Bharatiar University, Coimbatore.
Dr. Seena M MathaiM.Phil., Ph.D.  – Bharatiar University, Coimbatore.