Pain & Palliative Care Unit

1.      Organized get together of 20 Hemi paraplegia patients.

2.      Volunteered at outreach programmes organized by different agencies.

3.      Conducted awareness campaigns for Pain & palliative care and other disability services.

4.      Day out and recreational programmes were organized for physically challenged.

5.      Conducted surveys in the locality to identify people in need of palliative care, 5 such cases were linked with assistance.

6.      Conducted fund raising programmes for treatment, equipments and other needs.

7.      An outlet of pallium products in the campus for financial self reliance of Hemi paraplegia patients was started.

8.      Donated wheel chairs.

9.      Identified and provided emotional, physical and financial support for patients in nearby areas.


Service Learning Activities

1.      Alzheimer’s Day care center:

·         Play therapy & music therapy for brain stimulation for inmates was conducted.

·         Assessment of cognitive abilities.

·         Provided social & emotional support to inmates and family.

2.      ‘We Care’ special School:

·         Assessment of IQ and other cognitive functions were done.

·         Organized training classes for care takers and families of special children.

·         Volunteered at the programmes organized by the school.

·         Counselling was provided for family members.

3.      Soft skills enhancement of students: to improve knowledge acquisition, communication and leadership skills.

·         Training and awareness classes for school students were conducted by graduate students on memory &learning techniques, sexual hygiene and substance abuse.

·         For BPL sections awareness classes on menopausal adjustment, health & hygiene practices were given.

4.      Peer counseling : Students becoming helpers:

·         Training given to provide mutual assistance in academic & social skills deficits, emotional and adjustment problems.

5.      Experiential learning programs: UBCHEA sponsored project

·         Visits to tribal community, migrant workers & BPL settlements, mental health centers were conducted to sensitize students to ground realities.


Counseling centre; Counselor is made available once in a week

·         Life skills training for students.

·         Counseling for needy students and their parents.

·         Study skills training.

·         Counseling for teachers/ non teaching

·         Helping teachers to deal with problem children

·         Conducting Psychological assessment

·         Providing counseling for community



·         On attitude and awareness about mental illness and educating public in order to reduce stigma and enhance appropriate intervention for mental health problems.